What we produce

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All our range is lovingly made using the finest ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible. Every stage of the process is carried out by the two of us, ensuring our products legendary excellence. Each year that we have entered products for judging in the Great Taste Awards we have gained Gold Awards – 24 so far, totalling 48 stars. 2011 brought us the supreme accolade of ‘Best Ambient Product UK 2011’ for our raspberry vinegar.

For our sweet fruit vinegars, luscious soft fruits are steeped in white wine vinegar to extract the full flavour and colour. The resultant vibrant liquid is filtered and sweetened with organic cane sugar before being bottled at high temperature.

Our sweet flower vinegars are created using a similar process with lavender in attendance year round and elderflower and rose petal making an all-too-brief appearance in mid-summer.

Small, but distinctly delicious, quantities of fruit balsamic vinegars are created using a youngish Italian organically produced balsamic vinegar as the base with local fruit adding an interesting layer of flavour. A deliciously rich fig balsamic vinegar has also now been developed, and chocolate balsamic has joined the range using cocoa nibs sourced by James of jcocoa in Hassocks.

We are constantly experimenting with new recipes and ingredient combinations…..and loving every minute!

We source cold pressed Extra Virgin olive oils from Spain, Greece, Italy and the island of Lesbos matching each with carefully chosen herbs and spices, steeping them together until the flavour builds to a peak. The oil is then filtered and swiftly bottled to trap in the fabulous taste. A classic French ‘Herbes de Provence’ infusion has recently joined the range, with just a hint of lavender as the requisite floral note. Our ‘aromatic’ and ‘Smoky Moroccan’ oils incorporate spices as part of their complex flavour and organic orange zest adds another citrus delight to accompany the lemon.

We preserve organically grown lemons in sea salt (as featured in Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook); oranges all year round and Sussex pears toward Christmas (if time permits) in the most festive spiced liquor imaginable; ‘Persian pickled garlic’ is a further seasonal visitor; and damsons appear in our powerful ‘spiced damson sauce’.

Adding to our ‘cook’s essentials’ range, we have developed a number of savoury herb vinegars and a balsamic fig paste – a delight with sheep’s cheese.