Listed here is the full range of the vinegars we produce throughout the year. Seasons and harvests play their inevitable part in determining which fruits are available for us to create fine produce for you and therefore not all lines will be available at all times. Just give us a buzz….or email!

Sweet vinegars (available in 250ml, 500ml or as a ‘lucky dip’ sextet of 15ml babies)

Blackcurrant (Great Taste Gold Award)
Black mulberry (Great Taste Gold Award)
Bullace (Great Taste Gold Award)
Damson (Great Taste Gold Award)
Elderberry (Great Taste Gold Award)
Elderflower (Great Taste Gold Award)
Ginger and honey
Gooseberry (Great Taste Gold Award)
Lavender (Great Taste Gold Award)
Medlar (Great Taste Gold Award)
Morello cherry (Great Taste Gold Award)
Raspberry (Great Taste supreme Ambient Product Award)
Redcurrant (Great Taste Gold Award)

Rhubarb and orange
Russet apple (Great Taste Gold Award)
Strawberry and pink peppercorn
Tayberry (Great Taste Gold Award)
Wild cherry plum

‘Herb’ vinegars (available in 250ml and 500ml)


Fruit balsamic vinegars (available in 250ml and 500ml)

Black mulberry
Morello cherry

Sweet and herb vinegars250ml everyday bottle£6.00p
Sweet and herb vinegars500ml collectors pouring bottle£13.50p
Sweet vinegars6 x 15ml baby variety set in bag£8.00p
Fresh fruit balsamic vinegars250ml everyday bottle£8.00p
Chocolate balsamic vinegar250ml everyday bottle£8.50p
Fig balsamic vinegar250ml everyday bottle£10.50p
Fruit balsamic vinegar500ml pouring bottle£17.50p

We also supply delicatessens and Farm Shops as well as the catering trade. Contact us for detail.