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Jack Monroe’s vinegar and tonic

Our daughter popped round earlier to help us with some recipe ideas for the blog this year.  She suggested that we look at Jack Monroe’s website for inspiration… and what did we find but an ingenious use for our sweet fruit vinegars.

Never one to miss the opportunity, we immediately reached for the black mulberry vinegar and a dash of tonic and are now itching to experiment some more.  In the past we have diluted with water or added a splash into prosecco, but the tonic gives it a fabulous edge.  In fact, the supreme judging panel at the 2011 Great Taste Awards used our raspberry vinegar (diluted in spring water) as a palate cleanser between tastings!  The raspberry went on to win best ambient product in the UK that year!

Jack Monroe Inspired Vinegar and tonic

Thank you so much Jack Monroe for creating, and to Vicci for leading us to, this delicious drink.

Cheers, John and Mary