Recipes & ideas

in starters

scatter our mango vinegar onto a dish of sliced oranges

Using tomatoes, strawberries, sea-salt, redcurrant vinegar, a little hot sauce and pistachio oil topped with baby basil leaves, this chilled summer soup is simply amazing.  Visit food writer and tutor Rosa Jackson’s website to be inspired!!

souse herrings in a meld of fruit vinegar and onion

use our oils and vinegars for dipping good bread

on salads, the combinations are endless when you use our individual vinegars and oils to build your dressings.  The classic proportions of 70 ml stratta sweet fruit or flower vinegar, 180 ml extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 tsp dijon mustard and a little ground black pepper will give you endless pleasure during the salad season.  It simply remains to choose which ones!

‘lavilli’ – a sweet lavender and chilli dressing? I’m speechless!  Not only does it startle your salad, but is fab with fish.  Scallops, dusted with seasoned flour and panfried in just a little olive oil, are brought to life with a few drops of ‘lavilli’ at the close.

around main courses

fish and fruit vinegar – but surely not! Used as a marinade in advance or splashed at the pan-fried finish they are simply spectacular

our sea-salt or olive oil preserved lemons are ideal for authentically flavoursome North African and Middle East dishes.

created for Sarah Raven’s Open Day at Perch Hill, Mary’s couscous (now known as ‘strattacus’ curtesy of daughter Vicci) uses our salt preserved lemons in addition to spring onions, apricots, pomegranate seeds, parsley, and orange zest to mix with the couscous steeped with orange juice, water and medlar or mango vinegar.  Finish with a little 3Cs oil.

tastebuds start to tingle the moment one rolls the lamb joint in a marinade of redcurrant vinegar, rosemary and juniper berries

gently sautee some diced smoked bacon with chopped onion in good olive oil, splash over some of our new spiced lemon vinegar and allow it to sizzle off before adding chopped tomatoes and seasoning.  A handful of chopped spinach finishes the sauce, serve with freshly cooked pasta.

our spiced oranges are perfect with grilled gammon, with cold meats, with roast duck … well the choices are endless!

de-glaze the roasting pan with your chosen fruit vinegar to build a gravy that can be enjoyed on its tod.

our fruit ‘chuckles’ and ‘cheeses’ are great with spicy foods and cold meats.

over desserts

fine vanilla ice-cream takes on a fantasy role when splashed with sweet lavender vinegar

a cheeseboard is simply naked without a dish of our spiced pears or fruitsome damson cheese.

enliven winter stewed fruit with a tot of mulled fruit vinegar.

a chocolate pot with rosemary oil – takes a little believing n’est-ce pas?

whisk some damsnon ‘cheese’ into crème fraiche with shortbread

go on – be daring!!