Our slightly eclectic range of preserves and cook’s essentials includes:

Sea-salt preserved lemons presented in a vacuum sealed 500ml Le Parfait jar. All the citrus fruit we use is organically grown.

Spiced Sussex pears, a festive treat produced in the Autumn, presented in a 500ml vacuum sealed Le Parfait jar.

Spiced orange slices, craved for by all roast ducks and geese at Christmas presented in a 500ml vacuum sealed Le Parfait jar.

Following on the spicy theme but with Chinese influences in mind, we have created a powerful sauce using damsons or plums with star anise joining more traditional spices in the mix.
Balsamic fig paste is a new addition to our range – sweet and sharp and figgy – thus simply glorious with cheese and cold meats.

Sea-salt preserved lemons500ml Le Parfait jar£12.50
Spiced Sussex pears500ml Le Parfait jar£12.50
Spiced orange slices500ml Le Parfait jar£12.50
Damson sauce250ml bottle£5.75
Balsamic fig paste½ lb hexagonal jar£5.50

We also supply delicatessens and Farm Shops as well as the catering trade. Contact us for detail.