Listed here is the full range of the infused extra virgin olive oils we produce throughout the year. Ready-made dressings can be made to order for special occasions

Infused EV olive oils (available in 250ml and 500ml)


      Hot chilli

      Lemon   (Great Taste Gold Award)

      Fennel seed  (Great Taste Gold Award)
      Herbes de Provence (Great Taste Gold Award)  


      Smoked garlic (Great Taste Gold Award)

      ‘Smoky Moroccan’ (smoked paprika and garlic, coriander and cardamom)   (Great Taste Gold Award)


      ‘Three Cs’ with cumin, coriander and cardamom  (Great Taste Gold Award)

‘Three Cs’ uses (when available) a delicious Lebanese EV olive oil, Marjeyoun, from good friend Hafez Nader.  When this oil is not available, we use a wonderful oil from Puglia in the heel of Italy as the base.

Infused olive oils250ml ‘everyday’ bottle£8.00p
Infused olive oils500ml collectors pouring bottle£17.50p
Extra hot chilli oil250ml ‘everyday’ bottle£8.50p
Extra hot chilli oil500ml collectors pouring bottle£18.50p

We also supply delicatessens and Farm Shops as well as the catering trade. Contact us for detail.