“It was beetroot what started it!”

Beware – the beetroot juice may attempt an escape!

That along with the big and bold marrow that was dangling from our left hand compost bay! Some lamb mince, fresh young rosemary tips, blackcurrant vinegar, onion, garlic, aromatic olive oil, a goodly twist of sea salt with lemon chilli from the Mini Jar Company – it all began to make sense. A couple of beetroot, freshly pulled, were scrubbed and topped and tailed and quartered and popped in the microwave with a good splash of blackcurrant vinegar. Just a few minutes will make them cooked to the point you can push a skewer through with some welcome resistance.

With the oven on, and waiting patiently at 180 degrees, the marrow (only to be peeled if the skin is too tough for enjoyment) was split down the centre, the seeds scooped out and placed into a suitable roasting tray (deep enough to retain the shape and the juices!). The onion and garlic were started off gently in a fry pan with some aromatic oil to soften then the heat built so that the lamb could be added to brown a touch and then simmer gently for a few minutes until the juices run clear. At this stage let loose your creativity. I added finely chopped rosemary tips and a goodly twist of that special salt. Dice the cooled beetroot and combine with the mince concoction then fill the marrow boats with the mix. Brush the edges with some more aromatic or rosemary olive oil. Into the oven for 35 – 40 minutes. The topping should have a touch of good colour and just hint of crunch. We served in large pasta bowls, as the whole should be rather juicy, along with some new potatoes.

Roasted marrow boats

As marrows and courgettes and beetroot and apples are all rather vigorous at present, I wouldn’t be surprised if more dishes appear soon!!