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Barbecued Garlic




This is one fine unctuous addition to your barbecue.  Open and spread onto French bread or barbecued chicken, or simply spoon into your mouth!

Garlic and stratta Smokey Moroccan infused extra virgin olive oil
Preparing to barbecue the garlic…



  • Whole garlic bulbs – preferably violet garlic as is very smooth with no bitterness or sharpness
  • stratta Smoky Moroccan olive oil


Chop the top 1cm of the garlic bulb off.

Drizzle with stratta Smoky Moroccan olive oil, wrap in tin foil and place on the BBQ for around 30 minutes.  You can also place them into the embers of a fire if you are camping.

Open and scoop out onto buttered French bread or toast or simply spoon into your mouth!





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